Mexico artisans

Once the clay is ready, it is worked into a specific shape using a peddle wheel or, in some cases, by hand. It is then etched with unique geometric patterns using a wooden instrument. After the etching process is complete, the pieces are fired at a low temperature known as a ‘bisque fire.’ They are then painted with lead-free glaze and returned to the kiln at a much higher temperature to make the pottery more resilient.

In the small village town of Teotitlan del Valle along the outskirts of Oaxaca, our artisan partners in the Zapotec community craft beautiful, handmade pottery. This Mexcal Set is handmade by artisans from indigenous groups across Mexico so they can maintain their way of life, such as the Otomi community in Tenango de Doria, the Chiapanecan Tzotzil communities, and the Zapotec community in Atzompa are just a few of many.