One of the most asked questions we receive from clients is “how do I style my shelves?”. Luckily, it’s one of our favorite things to do! Here’s our top tips and tricks to instantly elevate your shelf game.

Shelfie Styling Tips

Pick a color palette.

Love blue? Add different shades of blue using decor pieces, paint, or wallpaper. Mix aqua and teal tones with white, wood or textural pieces for the perfect coastal look.

Think out of the box!

Who said wallpaper is only for walls? We love adding wallpaper to the back of a shelf to make an instant statement!

Make it personal.

We love collecting decor and meaningful items from our travels. Add special items from a trip or memory to bring out your personality and make it feel like home!
Shelfie Styling Tips

Scale and balance are key.

Larger architectural pieces help those shelves from feeling cluttered! Balance your shelves with a combo of tall and short pieces. Stacking books either vertically or horizontally (or both!) is a great way to add varying elevations.

Avoid over styling!

The biggest mistake when shelf styling is filling those shelves up. Leave room to breathe between each piece of decor so the shelves don’t look overcrowded.

Get started on that perfect shelfie moment by heading over to Shop House of Nomad to shop our favorite styling decor!




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