Green & Blue Swazi Basket

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Size: Roughly 8.5"-9” Dia x 3"-4” H

Details: Handmade from sisal and natural dyes

Sourced in Africa

In traditional emaSwazi culture, baskets were woven by women and the techniques passed down from mother to daughter. Baskets were, and still are used as containers to transport or store objects or food, much like the plastic containers we all use today. They were, and still are, also used to hold gifts at various ceremonies such as weddings.

HON Styling Tip: Add the perfect pop of color and texture to your walls, bookshelves or coffee table with this handwoven basket!

All products are handmade and vary in size, color, and design. Please note that the product you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured, as no two pieces are alike.

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