Small Black Spike Bowl

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Size: 4” Dia x 2.5” H 

Details: Hand crafted from clay 

Sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico 

These bowls are crafted using a technique known as 'snail' which consists of an intense mixing and kneading process to rid the clay of any air bubbles or impurities. Once ready, the clay is worked into a specific shape using a peddle wheel or simply shaped by hand, and then etched using a wooden instrument. The pieces are then fired at a low temperature known as a 'bisque fire.' After firing they are painted with lead free glaze and returned to the kiln at a much higher temperature to make the pottery more resilient. 

Onora's line of burnished black pottery is entirely handcrafted by four different family run pottery workshops. Your purchase helps to contribute to the maintenance and ancestral craft tradition and improve the lives of Mexican artisans and their families. 

HON Styling Tip: Fill this one-of-a-kind bowl with salts or seasonings and display it on your kitchen table or countertop!

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