Rust Calamar Earrings

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Size: 10 cm long

Details: Handmade with sansevieria fiber and waxed cord, 925 oxidized silver fish hook  

Sourced from Querétaro, Mexico 

These earrings are beautifully crafted from raw cotton threads and textile waste discarded due to tiny production errors. This process has made it possible to rethink and explore waste as a medium to create unique, timeless and sustainable jewelry and home decor. This process, with the help of local artisans who have preserved the knowledge of ancient techniques and protection of nature, has also led to the discovery of other natural materials, including the fiber extracted from sansevieria plants and recycled bull horn. 

HON Styling Tip: Pair this with a necklace and bracelet for stylish, unique and put-together look. 

*Due to the nature of how this product is made, sizing and small details may vary slightly.

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