Light Bordered Shoowa Square Pillow

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 Small: 25" x 25" 

Medium: 23" x 28" 

Handmade from raffia - cut-pile embroidered raffia textile sewn into a pillow

Sourced from Geographical Situation: DRC (ZAIRE)

The base of the embroidery is a square of plain-weave raffia cloth. This cloth is woven from palm leaf fibre on a loom. This square may be dyed before embroidery begins, thus contributing to the overall pattern, or it may be left a natural colour and the whole textile covered by pile. The square has thin lines embroidered in fine raffia and wider areas of patterning produced by the cut-pile technique. The fibres are applied in lines building up blocks of colour to form the distinctive patterns which characterise these cloths. The thread used in the embroidery is rubbed in the hands in order to soften it and give it a velvety appearance. All embroidery is the work of women, and all weaving is done by men.

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