• La Valise This small, 9-room boutique hotel is perfection. I had our waiter tell me once that “anything is possible” when placing an order, which is just the sort of encouragement you need while on vacation. Every little detail of our room, lobby, food and hotel experience was perfectly thought through. And — the food is amazing.


  • NU This modern Mexican restaurant is owned by La Valise and sister hotel Encantada. We ate here our first night and it’s incredible! For dessert, they don't give you a menu but send the pastry chef to your table to chat with you about your “ideal dessert,” then place your order based on those details.
  • Gitano Friday and Saturday nights this restaurant is lively and features live music and dancing. They also have an extensive list of Tequila and Mezcal (yay!) with an ENTIRE drink list devoted to mezcal cocktails. Get the Mezcal Mule. Also, any place with outdoor disco balls has my vote!
  • La Eufemia I’d call this place a “Hippie Chic Taco Boutique.” Eat here for simple, fresh — and even better, cheap, tacos. The bonus is their salsa bar!


  • Todos Santos A cocktail bar with one of the best vibes and drinks I’ve ever experienced! No menus, just all the fresh ingredients you could ever imagine. Tell them what you like and your flavor/taste profile and they create your ideal drink. Mind. Blown. This special spot is located inside Casa Jaguar.


  • Casa Jaguar This “cultural venue” has a little bit of everything. Cocktails (see above), dining and some really awesome shops all in one, beautifully curated, open air spot!
  • Tulum Ruins Hire a guide and visit these ruins in the most picturesque venue - right on the beach! Built late in the 13th century, it’s the only Mayan city built on the coast.
  • Cenotes Admittedly, I was very unsure of this whole situation, but they are worth it. Cenotes are limestone sinkholes that have exposed natural waters where you can swim or snorkel. Feeling extra brave? You can dive many of them. We visited Sac Actun!
  • Beach Tulum hosts one long beach that you can explore. Stop and grab cocktails along your way and on the other side of all the hotels/bars/restaurants is where most of the shops are. Lots to enjoy!


  • Wanderlust for your favorite flowy dress
  • Mixik for authentic Mexican crafts and textiles
  • Hilo Rojo for one of a kind pieces and great jewelry — my personal favorite!

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