Charcoal Beni Ourain Recycled Square Pillow

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20" x 20" 

50% plastic & 40% polyester 

Handmade from charcoal and cream acrylic thread Sourced from Marrakesh, Morocco 

The thread is hand looped throughout the process which on average takes 7 days to craft.

All products are made from recycled plastic that would have originally been used to carry industrial quantities of rice, couscous, flour and other commodity foods. The bags are hand embroidered weaving different materials through the plastic grid like squares on the outside of the sacs.  Due to the nature of the design and the way it is constructed it enables the artisans to reproduce different patterns in a pixel like format on a blank canvas. We tend to turn the bag inside out so the original design is still on the inside of the bag. 

These handmade bags employ local artisans and also work with groups of woman in and around Marrakesh. A philosophy with the brand is to give back to the community while trying to keep alive handmade methods that have been used in Morocco for centuries. Women are given work in villages in and around the city who sometimes would not be able to work due to the nature of their circumstances. All products are made from recycled materials and leather that is naturally vegetable dyed. 

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