Large Earth Bowl

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Size: 20" w x 2.8" d

Details: Inspired by nature and polished river stones, these handcrafted resin pieces represent the time it takes things to evolve and perfect in the natural world. The fluid consistency of resin allows its artisans to merge the art of sculpting and painting to create decor that is often referred to as "visual poetry". Each item has been cast individually by hand, making every piece truly unique and one of a kind. 

Hand crafted from 100% resin  

Sourced from Sydney, Australia 

*Each piece is unique and we cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact  identical piece to the one shown - colors and swirls shown are a guide only.

Care: Resin is strong and durable, yet should be treated like a ceramic as it can break when dropped or knocked against a hard surface. These homewares are suitable for cold food service and should be hand washed in warm water only. Your piece may appear “frosted” after washing and can be rubbed with a drop of cooking oil to restore sheen. Resin is not fire resistant and so should not be used in an oven, a microwave, dishwasher or as an ashtray.

HON Styling Tip: Style on a open shelf in a kitchen or as a part of your dining tablescape!

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