The Juju Hat

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Hand sewn from bird feathers with a raffia base 

Sourced from Cameroon 

JuJu hats are traditionally worn by village chiefs during celebrations as a symbol of status within their societies. Natural or dyed bird feathers are carefully hand sewn onto a raffia base, which spreads out into a huge circle. Feathers are associated with beauty and are a symbol of prosperity and wealth. These sought after hats are available in various colors, and can be displayed on stands or hung on a wall.

HON Styling Tip: Spice up any wall with one Juju or a grouping!

Care: Feathers that are colored should not be placed in direct sunlight as the dye made fade over time.  Feathers are natural materials that will constantly change.  As a result, Juju Hats may become slightly uneven and obtain minor cracks or unevenness, thus adding to its unique qualities.  Though the Juju Hat is initially fumigated and pre-treated with insect repellent, treating your Juju Hat periodically against moths or other bugs that my be naturally attracted is recommended.  You can do this by placing the headdress in a plastic bag and putting it in a freezer overnight; alternatively, attaching a small satchel of lavender, cedar wood or moth balls on the back of the headdress will natural repel bugs.  

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